"We are living in an increasingly digital world"

For me, these machines offer a great antidote to this in a tangible and interactive way. Sometimes the rolling ball concept may seem whimsical, but it does allow creative scope to draw with wire - the positive and negative shapes that are created exude a linear beauty which I think gives them a unique aesthetic quality.

"The most rewarding aspect of making my machines is captivating the onlooker, I can't think of many art forms that can engross people of all ages and preconceptions".

Not having any experience in engineering or metalwork, I began by purchasing a tig welder and experimented in my workshop with stainless steel, aluminium and acrylic as favourited materials.

Each sculpture has a rough set of ideas but the layout often changes and the track runs compete for space, which ultimately dictates the final design. This is a preferred way of working and suggests that the artwork grows and evolves throughout the construction process.

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